Is Home Credit Philippines a good lending provider?

Many Filipinos look for various lending options that will help them meet their specific needs. Home Credit Philippines is a good option for those folks who want to make large-ticket non-cash purchases.


If you repay the cash loan from Homecredit within 15 days, you’ll be charged 0% interest rate.

The approval doesn’t take that much time. 

The application is pretty easy to complete. And you’ll need to present two IDs with no other documents required which makes your life much easier. 

The bank has a nifty app to help you along the way. 


The bank is very strict with the requirements it sets. So, basically, it’s ready to credit those among us who don’t need the credit at all. 

If you are late with a payment, they’ll probably make a big bad record in your credit history. 

This company is generally not focusing on smaller-amount online lending, such as payday loans. So, if you are seeking this sort of financial product, you would probably be better off looking elsewhere.