Try a gold account Trodax

Trodax gives customers a few options to choose one of the possible accounts: bronze, silver or gold. To pick one of them to go to the official web page The price of using a gold account is an average of $ 89 per month. What gives you the use of a gold account? At first, you can always count on 24/7 online technical support directly from our website or via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram, receiving notifications through them. You will get access to use a fully automatic trading mode on the Trodax, choose some filters, strategies. Also, you will get 30 manual and 9 automated C.A.T.’s, 4 access the exchange (API keys), dedicated IP address. Thus, you get a full package of services and full access to the trading platform. All of the listed services will be enough for you to trade on the platform throughout the month.

What profit can get the user?

Of course, Trodax can’t guarantee you a fixed income. The service doesn’t control the whole market, because it is dynamic and rapidly changing. After reviewing the statistics, you can see that our customers’ deposit increases monthly in the ranges from 1% to 7% (it depends on your risk-profit settings) and among between 0.05 and 1% on average for users who has sufficient deposits on each connected account.