How to use cryptocurrency and blockchain in Switzerland

For quite a long time, has Switzerland been considered one of the world leaders in asset management, moreover, as the Deloitte emphasizes, the Swiss own more than 27% of the world’s wealth.

With the development of technologies such as blockchain, which are rapidly developing on the Swiss territory, the Swiss government has introduced some modern and progressive business laws to facilitate the process of investing in local business, including for foreign investors. Today in Switzerland you can pay for goods, services and even public transport using Bitcoin, and this is excellent news for investors who want to run cryptocurrency in Switzerland. Also at this stage, there is a network of customers awaiting the use of these virtual currency services.

How to invest in cryptocurrency in Switzerland

Investments in cryptocurrency are widely used in Switzerland, which is very beneficial for investors. In addition to these advantages, this country has a policy of tax exemption, because the amount of competition and the introduction of innovations in the field of cryptocurrency is increasing. Thus, the choice of Switzerland as the basis for the blockchain or cryptocurrency will be one of the most successful solutions for a person who creates his own business or makes investments.

The country is already a kind of home for the use of bitcoins, as well as one of the first companies in the world, which introduced its use on the world market.

As for cryptocurrency, Switzerland has already established itself as a country with a fairly strong and stable economic policy. In addition, if you want to launch your ICO, and you need help, you can contact our legal specialists by going to our website