Commercial washer by Electrolux

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One of the most frequently encountered problems in the field of technical equipment of any laundry is that is equipped with special professional equipment, which has been produced by Electrolux for more than 20 years. Buy Electrolux commercial washer online on our website!

The laundry process has always required the use of high quality and professional washing and drying machines. The demand for this equipment is still growing, as is the price.

 Why you should choose Electrolux?

  • We provide the opportunity to buy our products at an affordable price and offer them for use as soon as possible.
  • In addition, if you need to consult on any technical issues – our managers are always happy to help.
  • The company Electrolux (Sweden) is the leader in the market of European and American companies for the production of professional equipment for laundries today specialize the most significant European and American manufacturers.

Besides, the company Electrolux has its official representative – Maran Projekt GmbH, which supplies commercial washing machines of various types and a wide range of installation and maintenance services. The main task of Electrolux is to satisfy the needs of users and owners of the laundry business, both small and large, all over the world, since Electrolux is an international company.