To Get Instagram Followers App Determining Your Self-Worth?

All of us are, at some point guilty of doing it for the ‘gram. You are definitely not honest to yourself if you can’t admit that you have done a certain something just for the sake of Instagram. Elaborate photoshoots, borderline narcissistic captions, taking countless selfies in public, photographing food till its gone cold, all of us are guilty of-if not all-then at least one of these social crimes.

The efforts took

Looking back to get instagram followers app, do we ever reflect who is it that we are going to such great effort for? Why is it that we put in such great efforts to look ‘effortless’ on Instagram? To ourselves, we may say it for self-satisfaction. But the reality dwells much deeper and comes from a darker place in our minds.

A  number of features of Instagram are to be blamed for this, as-

  • Number of likes
  • Number of followers
  • Number of comments
  • Number of follow requests

All these statistical pieces come (pun intended) Tagged with notions. The view that the more Instagram likes someone has, the more idealistically appealing they are, the more followers and comments that they have the more popular they are, are ingrained in our minds.